Reily's Books

Carnal Series 

     When a twist of fate frees Adara from years of personal hell, she finds herself thrown into an upgraded version including her own psychopathic stalker.
     Julien, an ex-Special Forces private investigator, must step up his game to stay one step ahead of her sadistic family and a sociopathic killer to keep her safe.

Winner of The Romance Review’s Top Pick Award.  If you love a combination of BDSM/romance and suspense, don’t miss this action-packed adventure.

Who can you count on in your darkest hour?

Callie, an extraordinary genius raised in a Think Tank superstructure, has unique talents sought by scientists and terrorists alike.
When a botched rescue attempt leaves her stranded, mutilated and alone, she must turn to a stranger, Nate, an ex-Special Forces private investigator, to keep her from the clutches of terrorists, both foreign and domestic, while navigating the strange and murky lifestyle of the BDSM world.
From their first meeting, Callie embodies an otherworldly aura with mysteries neither his heart nor mind can refuse to unravel as Nate helps them navigate a world of sensual exploration and betrayal.

Warning: Genital mutilation subject ramifications discussed in this book.


     Lots of excitement gets the adrenaline pumping from the very beginning of this story as it starts off with pulse-pounding action with anticipation building lots of tension as the terrorists both foreign and domestic want Callie for their own nefarious purposes which keeps the team on their toes. While there is some disturbing violence in the story, there is also humor and fun as Callie explores her new world with her psychic abilities and passion as she learns the art of submission. Well written scenes and details capture the imagination while the intriguing events ensure that there is never a dull moment.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2015 4.00

Kurupira Series 

Where would you run to become electronically invisible?

Twenty-four hours ago, Brielle stood helpless as an intruder murdered her mother. Her struggle to stay ahead of the psychopathic stalker seeking her DNA and birthright necessitates she flee her glass and concrete jungle.

Tiago, an immortal challenged with protecting all within his domain, faces a genius adversary who has created a genetically-specific bacteria and needs only the crystal worn by a foreigner to wreak havoc on the world.

Two strangers must learn to trust and work together in order to save the ones they love.

An exciting blend of action, adventure, and romance between a man not looking for love and a woman trying to survive.

Unholy Alliance

Immortal Lovers Series

Can fated love poised between the illusion of immortality and the certainty of death find new life between hope and adversity?

In securing a relic destined to destroy humanity, Lukas is mortally bitten by a unique breed of demon. Before he succumbs to his fate, a stranger offers her blood, allowing him time to complete his mission.
Sariel has spent most of her life destroying demons and vampires alike. With a witch as mentor and a ghost for companionship, she’s always had everything she’s needed, or so she thought until three demons cross her path, noting her angelic origins and changing her entire worldview.
As the prophecy unfolds, the vampire, angel, and witch must join forces to face demonic powers never experienced while navigating the murky waters of desire and betrayal, paranormal talents and malevolent cunning.